ASUS ROG or Prime mobo for Cubase?

Are there any advantages or disadvantages (ignoring money) in getting a ROG v Prime Asus Mobo for a new PRIMARILY Cubase rig, which will be used for gaming too.

On paper the spec is almost identical.

go with Prime

Yeah, that’s what I ordered. Seems like the better choice for reliability.

And I note that Scan Computers who make music PC’s, and have access to pretty much anything from their parts list, choose Prime for their music PC’s.


hey ! hello SledDriver, i’m about to build a pc with the same combo cpu motherboard and doing a research to know who turns on it with cubase , i found you … I see that you have a nvidia card and it’s for me a no go because my old setup on sandybridge was an nightmare with drivers …my question is simple are you happy with this setup ? I mainly want to mix heavy project …Thanks for the reply

I’ve also build a DAW setup around the Asus z370-a prime. I just love Asus’ BIOS layout and structure. The board is nice, and I haven’t really stumbled across any bigger problems. The DPC latency is pretty low out of the box, about 10-50 microseconds, with a few peaks about 150 microseconds from directx and and the OS kernel. If you disable the cpu’s power status (c-states) in BIOS, the DPC latency is down to about 0-20 microseconds here, with no peaks.

I’m using a RME Raydat I/O card to my converters.


Any Quiet Cooler Choice you went for with this board that works well and doesnt obstruct RAM or anything? Looking at the BeQuiet DarkRock4 but the DarkRock Slim looks smaller - how much less efficient I’m not sure.

Hej Mart,
I went for Noctua’s D15s cpu cooler for the i7 8700, and are using the 2 fans that came with Fractel Designs r6 case. I don’t use a huge graphic card yet, so I don’t have any heating problemer or anything inside the case.
CPU temps are down to about 22-25 degrees idle, and up to about 50-70 Degrees at max.

If you’re going for an i9 CPU (if intel), then you really need a super duper good cpu cooler, as those i9’s gets hot as hell (i9 10900k about 80-100 degrees at max) with liquid or air cooling.
It’s crazy, and why I still use my older i7 8700.