At bar 552 C7 Quits everytime?

Running C7.0.5 on a MacPro 12 gigs for RAM no other programs running except Kontact and a couple other plugins.

Just a couple tracks but the voice over that I’m writing the music to is 2 hour long and cut up into 4 chunks for composing music under. (meditation music under v/o)

the first piece went great in C6 several months ago, had to take time off and am back writing for this again.
Now I’m using C7.

At bar 552, Cubase 7 always quits now…even after I turned most everything off.
If i jump ahead to bar 600 and play from there, no problem.

Anyone else experience something similar or read of anything like that before?

el profe

So it all comes down to this: 32 bit version quits, 64 bit does not. I wish that the developers could somehow fix that with some kind of option that lets us increase the RAM or whatever is preventing this from working right in 32 bit mode. This was originally a 32 bit Cubase 6.5 song and ran perfectly.
Do you folks have a project that ran perfect in 32 bit C6.5 that won’t run as well in C7 32 bit but does in C7 64 bit?

that’s an interesting question and if so, why would the updated version run worse in 32 bit mode, as it should be improved not the other way around…

I am glad that it is working in 64 bit mode, nevertheless.
But I am wondering if 32 bit Cubase 7 is an unusable setting for the future, if that isn’t fixed, whatever it is.
I sure don’t have beta testing time to find out, I’m already behind on work as a result of this. LOL

El profe

bar 552 with 32 bit? sheesh. Outa Memory i suspect.

Actually after going back and turning plugins and other stuff off to see if it was something I could pin point, I found it crashing at various places so I guess your on target.

I thought the ASIO guard fixed that, guess I was wrong about what that does exactly. Though the ASIO guard (now avail in mac with Intel multi processors) has allowed me to load up other songs with more stuff and not get crashy or quity - with the only noticable behaviou being that Cubase 7 would just start playing a sec later after pressing the space bar and ending a sec later when stopping. Which when loaded up as I may make other songs - that’s ok for mixing.
A lot of those big songs are live recordings of 2 hr concerts and 24 tracks of 24 bit 48 Khz audio brought in from an external recorder used at the venues.
I just wonder why the newer 32 bit version of C7 can’t handle what the older 32 of C6 could?
Maybe all the new features and gui and stuff are also taking up the base memory requirements.

Is there a Cubase specification that says how much memory the basic program takes up when launched as a default with not audio or plugins initiated and then how much the memory each instance of each pre or post treatment (eq, compression, etc.) requires.
I guess not.
I guess the only way to get an idea is to look at the Mac’s activity monitor.
Right now just running this firefox brower and nothing else is taking up 2.7 GB of System Memory.
.8 wired
1.7 Acitve
.2 Inactive
(says I have 257GB of VM which is empty space on my boot drive to use as Virtual Memory)…perhaps if it relies too much on this one can have problems since the drive is acting both like virtual memory and also as the program streaming data to the memory for processing…

That would leave 7 gigs of ram left over for using with Cubase (out of a total of 10 gigs for ram).
(correction, I thought I had 12 gigs as posted in the original post, but it’s actually 10).

getting way to geeky here…gotta go and get some music finished now that I know to run C7 in 64 bit mode if I want to avoid these problems…

el profe