At full zoom, midi parts are off. Won't snap to grid.

I copy and pasted an audio part, the gray part in the screenshot below, and noticed it was progressively getting more and more off the grid as I copied it, so I zoomed as far down as I could on the source clip, and notice at full zoom, its edges are protruding. With or without snap on, I cannot correct this. Grabbing the handle on the part, it either wants to extend beyond the grid marker, or move before it. The cut tool will not cut on the grid line to make it align with the pink and green parts you see in the screenshot, and will only cut either a bit in front of the grid or behind the grid. Snap on or off makes no difference.

Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can fix it? Thanks!

Open the editor and move the start point.

That gets the start fixed, but the end is now off. If I fix the end, then start then is off.

I tried to re-bounce the same synth. I bounced 8 bars, and this time the start and ends are on the grid properly. Snap is on. When I cut that 8 bar section into 8 pieces on each beat with the scissor tool, each cut is off when I zoom in, and does not cut on the grid as it should. Why is this happening? Why isn’t the scissor tool cutting on the grid lines since I have snap turned on?

You have snap to zero crossing checked.

Thanks so much, N8. That was it! :smiley: