AT2020 to UR22mkII interface| No Mic Input Audio

I’ve been trying to connect an AudioTechnica AT2020 to the UR22mkII interface, but it isn’t receiving any input audio from the microphone.
I can hear white noise when the input 1 gain is turned to max (I assume is noise from the interface itself), but no audio from the mic.

Phantom Power is on, USB light is lit. I’ve gone through the setup instructions in the manual so I dont think Ive done anything wrong…

Any help would be very appreciated. Thankyou

you need to list what you are doing for anyone to be able to troubleshoot this. it’s not like ahhh no input - just press ALT+F4 and it will magically work

Yeah - could be anything, starting with a broken XLR-Cable (or one with low-quality connectors which don’t make contact in the UR sockets" …