AT2035 hiss *help!* [solved]

First of all my setup:

Steinberg UR22

I bought this AT2035 second hand. When I turn on phantom power I get A LOT of hiss (or hum, idk the difference) it gets to the point that if I turn the mic gain all the way up the noise clips… I haven’t returned it because it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I turn it on and everything is just fine. I have been trying restarting my computer several times until the noise is gone, but this is annoying! With my AT2020 I never get this problem.

I was wondering if there is any solution to this

Eliminating the possibility of a bad cable… so, are you using the same cable and connection point on the UR for both mics?

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Yes, same cable, same everything

If everything else is equal… it’s a malfunctioning mic. I would make sure all the connector pins are clean. If they are and you still get a hum, I’d return it.

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Problem solved!

The issue really was with the connection. Some minor adjustment in the mic port and maybe pushing the cable in a little bit harder and all is good. :smiley:

Thank you

Great. Now back to making music. :wink:

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