Atio6axx.dll crash

i updated to nuendo 12.0.50 (on win 10) and updated my graphic driver because also using davinci.
Davinci is happy with the new driver but it looks like I’m having lots of crash since then (?) involving atio6axx.dll
is that related to graphic driver from AMD ? I can’t find clear answer on forums.
thx for any help.

This is definitely related to the graphics driver, it seems this driver is crashing in a large variety of appliances. You can find lots of information about it in the internet, here is one page from AMD that seems to have a solution.

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thanks for that. I use the same graphic card…
I will try to downgrade.

I hope it helps :+1:

So I was trying to rollback from my AMD driver and found a post saying it was the adrenalin software that was invlove rather than the last driver version.
Strange because I made sure I didn’t instal this adrenalin thing. But looking deeper I had a “AMD software” reference that was adrenalin… So I just uninstall this and manualy installed last driver and it’s been a day without crash so guess it’s fine (didn’t check if davinci is working though… don’t care really)

hi there, did you manage to sort this issue out? having the same problem for the last week or so on my 580RX card and Nuendo12

The reason is a piece of software from AMD, named Adrenalin, that comes with the drivers for AMD graphics. Try to find that and deinstall it.

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I’m still getting atio6axx.dll crashes despite uninstalling Adrenaline. Have tried rolling back to numerous driver versions with the same issue. Cubase works fine for a few minutes and then plugin windows begin to turn white, then an inevitable crash occurs.

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Can you upload one or two of the latest crash dumps? Maybe there is some more in it pointing to some specific problem (just guessing)

same exact problem here. did you find a solution?

I would like to know if you found a solution as well. I have the same problem but “solved it” by switching from my AMD card to a geforce card instead. But would like to use my newer AMD card again because of several performance reasons.

Have you guys tried using the AMD Pro drivers instead of the normal Adrenaline gaming edition that is “default”?

I have an AMD gfx card with Pro drivers and have 0 problems!

Yes, after I typed my message I switched back to my AMD card again and installed those drivers. No problems so far either. I guess they finally fixed the problem =). Only had to wait like 6 months and use my old nvidia card while waiting =(… =D

Not completely over after all. Had another atio6aax.dll crash just now. But only once since I tried the AMD pro drivers, So hope it stays that way.

So I´m still having this problem with the crashes when using my AMD RX 580 card…
Anyone please know how to solve it? Only thing that "works for me is using the “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter”. But then I can only run in 60 hertz and alot of plugins in Cubase dosn´t show any graphics, only a white window.

I tried installing the AMD Pro driver manually in the device manager. Still no luck. It´s very frustrating, please someone help!

The only solution for me so far, is to install the 2019 driver version for my RX580 gpu. But would like to use the newest one for several performance reasons.

If anyone get the new one to work without crashes PLEASE tell me how you did it.