Atmos ADM Export ends after 8:20 - incorrect setting?

Hi folks,

was trying out a project of about 12:00 min length. Sound is coming from instrument tracks with midi data.

The exported ADM-File has WAV-Audio only until 8:20 min despite it being 12 min long. Encode to Atmos with DEE went fine. The encode job did not show any errors or problems, besides no sound after 8:20.

Double checked this by testwise re-importing the ADM-File into a new project. The tracks contain audio only until about 8:20.

An incorrect setting somewhere I am unaware of?

Just to note: Within N11, the project plays fine with audio from start to end. So no hidden Mute of some kind, at least from what I know.

Anybody else here, who tried longer projects (> 10 min)?

LG, Juergi

Where are your markers set to?

Also, is the audio chopped off suddenly? Or what happens at 8:20?

Markers are set correctly and activated. At Time=0 to Time=12:00. Range colored in “Blue”.

Audio from the re-imported ADM-file goes to a “zero line” starting at 8:20 all the way to 12:00.

Edit: The App MediaInfo shows audio length of 12:00.

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quick update:

Made some tests with a set of simple wav-tracks converted. For those, it worked (> 8:20 audio lenght for Atmos ADM).

Must have to do with the project.

Made another view tests with the same project. The audio length was different for all tests.

… still searching.

LG, Goggo