ATMOS Binaural 'templated' workflow

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I am looking at the submission requirements for Sony and unlike Universal they are requesting a config file from the renderer that applies to all the mixes in a session. It is asking for all binaural object settings to be consistent throughout all the mixes ‘so when lined up in a pro-tools session playback is consistent’. This means having identical object IDs applied to near/mid/far etc for every mix.

Does anyone here follow this workflow?

If anyone is interested, dolby’s guideline for templated binaural workflow is here: Box

And Sony’s specific deliverable: Deliverable 1: Master Input / Binaural / Re-render Config File

We require a single Master Input / Binaural / Re-render Config file from the Dolby Atmos Renderer that is shared by every track on the release. This is to ensure accurate monitoring from the renderer when multiple ADM BWF files are played from a single ProTools session.



Update on this: I’ve just been informed that it’s ok to omit this deliverable. Still, I am interested to investigate whether this is possible to do using Nuendo alone.

When it comes to the “.atmos.IR” files: These cannot be read by the Nuendo renderer. It cannot output this format either.
There is nothing in the IR files that is not also written to the master file. But there may be circumstances where a separate file with metadata is helpful. (Dolby’s conversion tool does extract metadata into a text file. But unfortunately the file is not compatible.) That’s why people like to ask for it once in a while.

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