Atmos loudness measurement Supervision?

Working in Atmos in Nuendo and love it. Was looking to delivery some Atmos Music to a client and Dolby recommends -18LKFs for music specs. Unfortunately, the dolby renderer in Nuendo doesn’t give you loudness measurements like DAPS does. So I was putting Supervision on the 7.1.4 track and getting measurements from that but I’m not sure if Supervision can actually read loudness on a 7.1.4 track accurately. I also have VisLm from Nugen but that doesn’t go up to 7.1.4. Just curious if anyone can confirm Supervision is accurate on 7.1.4 tracks for LKFS measurements. Thanks!

IIRC atmos loudness even on the DAPS is Measured using the 5.1 downmix. I might be wrong but I have a feeling I’m not.

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