Atmos mixing studio w N11 in Germany

Hi guys, are there good Atmos studios with N11 for final mixing of cinema in Germany?


thx, but i see Dolby Atmos Music Suite studio, not for film

From what I know (is not much), they perhaps do predominantly music, and also films. If it does not seem to be an option for you, you may want to check with them for recommendations.

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If Vienna / Austria is a valid alternative for you, then look here:


β†’ Home -


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Hello! Unfortunately, during the month the listed studios did not get in touch by email, which most likely indicates their bad performance during the covid period. I would also like to consider other european atmos studios for the final mixing of the film for cinema theaters, thx

We are ALMOST done here in Stockholm Sweden. Just recieved our intended power amps for the top speakers and pending Dolby approval, we could be available if it’s not short notice. But realistically we are a few weeks away still depending on how quick we can get Dolby approval.

Yellow Cab @StevenGhouti in Paris might be another option ?

Hi all,
Get in touch if France is a destination you would consider.
We have a lovely theatrical Dolby Atmos studio, you can check out a few pictures on the website (Studio C).
Thanks Erik for the referral. I knew that sending pirates to hijack the ship transporting your amps to Sweden would pay off :joy:

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