Atmos Renderer 5.1.4 issue

There are conflicting statements on documentation for Bed mixes and my 5.1.4 setup keeps crashing…

This pic shows the renderer stating the System Atmos PLugIn can only be configured with 2.0, 5.1, 7.1, 5.1.4, and 7.1.4

The manual states …"…The following bed channel configurations are supported by the internal Renderer for Dolby
Atmos plug-in and the external Dolby Atmos Renderer: 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 5.1, 5.1.4, 7.0, 7.1, 7.0.2,
and 7.1.2…"

First, I have created an ATMOS 5.1.4 OUTPUT BUS and a 7.1.4 OUTPUT BUS (7.1.4 chosen for MAIN MIX) to test with. Then, create two GROUP CHannels to test with, each respectively 5.1.4 and 7.1.4 as manual states. The RENDERED PLUGIN is on the 7.1.4 OUTPUT bus…THEN, I route my test tone input channel to OUTPUT to the GROUP 7.1.4 Channel, which then, routes to the OUTPUT of the ATMOS BUS 7.1.4…then everything flows the way it should. (I had gone to ADM and chosen RENERER, then added a BED and chose SOURCE of GROUP CH 7.1.4…which worked fine…THIS DIDNT WORK FOR 5.1.4)

However, when I try the SAME setup for a 5.1.4 SETUP, including moving the RENDERED PLUGIN to the 5.1.4 OUTPUT BUS…HOWEVER!!! ** when I choose the 5.1.4 BED from the SOURCE drop down in the Renderer…NUENDO APP CRASHES EVERY TIME !! …WHAT IS THE ISSUE…or…WHAT AM I MISSING ???

Thanks all!

is there a .dmp file ?

when you say ‘moving the rendered plugin’ are you moving it or deleting the original and creating a new one on the 5.1.4 bus ?

The DOLBY ATMOS Renderer plugin that is needed on the MIX OUT BUS can only run on one OUTBUS at a time. So, when testing the 5.1.4 MIX OUT BUS, I remove the plugin from the 7.1.4 MIX OUT BUS and put one on the 5.1.4 MIX OUT BUS.
Then, when I open the ADM Authoring for Atmos under the ‘Project’ menu heading, and make sure Renderer for Dolby is running, then attempt to select SOURCE for my 5.1.4 Bed Group I created, it crashes Nuendo and closes…

Im not even dealing with a .dmp file…I literally JUST have routing setup to JUST get signal to my speakers in a test. The signal is either a wave file on a track OR a pink noise generator.

Like mentioned, it works fine in 7.1.2, but NOT 5.1.4…and I thought it is supposed to…

Another strange thing is that BEDS are apparently only up to 7.1.2 in the SOURCE selection drop down of the ADM renderer. I cannot create a 7.1.4 GROUP channel and select it in the BEDs dropdown list…took a while to figure that one out. The 7.1.4 OUTPUT bus is just fine though for objects.
And thanks for the reply…it is difficult to explain it for it to make sense.

what I meant is did you DRAG the plugin - thought that might be a problem…but you didn’t you removed and reinserted.

This part of Nuendo is pretty new so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the usual bugs etc. A dump (.dmp) file is usually created when nuendo crashes… would be useful for SB to take a look - might be something in your Windows application event log ?

Re: 7.1.4 - Atmos only supports 7.1.2 beds NOT 7.1.4 (limited to 10 channels) so that explains that oddity.

Hi, yes, I tried both dragging and removing the plugin. If I dragged it, I would still need to modify which mix bus it was using. Though I will say, removing and replacing new is obviously a better route :slight_smile:

I figured I’d post it here because it possibly was a bug. I will upload the dump file (it did create it).

And thanks for the reminder about Beds only supporting 10 ch! That makes a lot of sense. Now I just need to adjust workflow to accommodate the changes/limitations. For instance, a BED mix with a 714 speaker config, a resulting ‘flyover’ from back to front, would just be from Rs/Ss to the Ts height channels and LCR…question would be, would I only hear the Front Top L/R and NOT the rear Top L/R…??
Learning curve commenced… :wink:

Interesting point - but a flyover would really done by an object channel rather than a bed.

7.1.2 overheads use front speakers only

although in a 7.1.2 system the front speakers are slightly further back than in 7.1.4

Agreed on flyover as object vs bed…and that 712 is front speakers only…guess was thinking more from a bed standpoint where an issue would be, but it really isn’t an issue as that kind of effect would be used as object anyways as you note.

duly noted on 712 vs 714 speaker positioning…hadn’t looked at that point, but yes.

So if 514 potentially has issue/bug (currently) would mixing in 714 be an issue if needing to translate over to 514 at the ADM export stage…?

we don’t know it’s a bug yet (although it’s probably something odd - be good for somebody to look at the .dmp). If you are going to all the effort of an atmos mix seems a shame not to stick to 7.1.4 - downmixing to 5.1.4 is pretty straightforward.

Either way if using 5.1.4 crashes and it’s an easy reproduction then I think SB (or more likely dolby?) will fix it

Correct, not sure bug or not, but is odd. Will definitely go the downmix route. Again, just my learning curve on Nuendo. Thanks for insights!

Send them an email and will post updates.

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Thanks for the report. The crash with 5.1.4 bed is reproducible and we’ll fix it asap.



Yes Atmos beds are up to 7.1.2 or 9.1 if you prefer. Sending sounds to separate speakers of a 7.1.4 setup, and not only to either ceiling array (or pan in between) is accomplished using objects.

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How can the multipanner be used to send to the LFE?

wxyz: Hi. I think it just can’t. I was looking for the answer to the same question and have found an interesting free plugin by MeldaProduction called MChannelMatrix. You can route any input of a track to any output with the level you want. So in your case route it to LFE only. Hope it helps.

You have a LFE „Send“ in the Multipanner.

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thanks for your help

Okay, that´s new to me. Sorry for the wrong information.
Seems that the LFE-Level is only present in ‘Bed Mode’. Maybe Dolby doesn´t think of Objects with “LFE-worthy-frequencies”, which is kind of understandable because the LFE is a static point in the setup.

Maybe it is a workaround for you to duplicate the track and additionally send it to the LFE via Direct Routing. The Fader Level will give you the overall LFE-Level from this track.

yep - no LFE on atmos objects

remember LFE isn’t bass or bass management - it’s a separate channel for FX.

er, eh good Dr…Low Frequency Effects … :wink:

yes, I know what it stands for :slight_smile:

The point is that it’s a separate channel for a specific thing - which is (essentially) why you can’t pan to it in an Atmos Object channel.

You should read the Dolby documents regarding use of LFE channels :slight_smile:
for example: Dolby Atmos downmixing totally discards it.