Atmosphere UVI Engine Error (Cubase 6.5)

UVI Engine Error:

Could not load .dat
Error ID: 3

Atmosphere works fine in fruity loops but not in Cubase.

A re-install wont help so please don’t suggest it thanks.

If any one could help it would be much appreciated.


Is your UVI engine up-to-date?

Did you try reset of Cubase (tresh Preferences)?

Well seeing as it works in fruity loops but not Cubase i’m assuming it’s something to do with Cubase. Or Cubase is telling atmosphere to look somewhere else for its data.

How would i go about resetting Cubase preferences?

Thanks for the response.

See this article.

Thanks for your help mate but i am really to lazy to reset Cubase settings.

I will just have to upgrade to opmnisphere