ATSC A/85" Loudness metering option

An “ATSC A/85” Loudness metering option for the Loudness metering setup dialogue
EBU R-128 is highly functional, but doesn’t match for Canadian broadcast deliverables

Currently, I use a Waves WLM meter plugin to target -24 LUFS / LKFS for measurement and deliverables
The Nuendo 6 loudness section with A/85 would be useful here

Doesn’t R128 provide what you need? Same measuring algorithm and gating but different nomenclature…?

Please explain where I change the target from -18 LUFS to -24LKFS?

Yes, essentially the same in concept, different ITU target numbers, Nuendo 6 has just the EBU r-128 standard
No preset for ATSC A/85 -24dB LKFS (Canadian Broadcast Standard now)
I can’t adjust parameters without a warning when in Nuendo’s EBU R-128 without confidence

Meter plugins like Waves “WLM”
and ToneBoosters EBU Loudness plugin
have the A/85 presets

Shame we couldn’t have more stand variance presets than just a EBU-R-128 preset

My broadcast supervisor request the standard to be ATSC A/85 -24dB LKFS for our network and external deliverables
In a ProTools dominant industry(at least here) cut me the Nuendo guy some slack

All good this is just a wishlist for a feature request anyway

But R128 targets -23, not -18. And as far as I know LKFS = LUFS. In addition the US standard isn’t 100% clear. I think it references the latest revision of 1770, which makes you wonder if anyone who is checking will be checking using 1770-1, 1770-2 or even 1770-3. And if I remember correctly 1770-2 measures the same as R-128, both with the same duration gating. So if they measure the same it would stand to reason that you’d just use R-128 and have it read -24 instead of -23.

Or am I missing something in the specs here?

Yes, both scales LUFS and LKFS are the same essentially, BS1770, LUFS has the gating,
LUFS with gating is a good option for ‘board silence’ in live Television during commercial breaks and doesn’t affect the longer daily metadata monitoring results.
We have LUFS and LKFS on our some TC Electonic meters at work

yes my bad -23 LUFS for EBU R128. -24 for ATSC A/85.Wwhy the the difference? There would be a reason I’m sure
ATSC A/85 sports BS1770 like EBU R128 loudness metering, A/85 has True Peak level

Again, many 3rd party plugins all offer the “flavour of the month” metering presets why not for Nuendo 6?
Perhaps knowing ATSC A/85 helps with dialalogue normaliztion targeting may help some others as well

I read “A/85 is only focused on the digital television platform and on the AC3 codec”
The difference are defined nicely here

Seems like there are still regional market standards is why N6 currently offers the comprhensice EBU R128 package, maybe it the almighty rights issue to ATSC A/85, dunno!?, apologise
Other plugins offer a comprehensive list of Loudness standards in preset form.

I just don’t want to insert another metering plugin if Nuendo 6 can accomodate the A/85 convention on this side of the pond.

Perhaps other N6 enthusiasts don’t have access or licenses to plugins and could have it within Nuendo 6.
So again I’m just hoping the ATSC A/85 shows up some day in Nuendo6 in their the global product,

So maybe , … . . Multiple metering prestes is now my vote for the “Feature Requests and Suggestions” thread instead

I don’t think I expressed my question properly.

If LKFS and LUFS mean the same thing, and if the measurement is derived the same way, then what difference does it make if you’re reading -24LKFS on a BS.1770-2/3 scale or -24LUFS on an R128 scale?

What’s missing?

Btw; you can set the “clip” or “red” indicator on the R128 scale to a different value, and the same goes for the alarm for when True Peak is exceeded. So you can have your R128 go into the red at -24LUFS already.

EDIT: Even though the manual says__ “Lets you specify a threshold value for the Short Term, the Integrated, and the True Peak clipping indicators.” ****I notice I’m not able to “make it stick”. I can highlight the value just as I can for True Peak for example, and I can enter in a different value, but when I enter it reverts back to -23!


Not a question of scales, alarms and not being able to make things stick, I don’t want to see warnings if we change from -23, -24

That’s why I would like Nuendo to add multiple presets from the current N6 loudness metering.

Having presets for existing standards made available so no messing around when working for other deliverables besides EBU R128 in N6.

I just mix and aim for -24 on the meter (for example), and if I end up at -23 I just pull down my main buses feeding the final mix so that I then hit -24. I really don’t care if the meter is red or not, I look at the number.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to having the metering “look” that’s the new standard in the US in N6. In fact, I think that would be great. But for now at least I can successfully meter my signal using a measurement that works.

-24 oh I mean +1


+1 For Canadian Broadcast support