attach xml to Halion Sonic SE layer

In the manual there is stated that when you make a Halion Sonic SE Layer you need to attach the macro XML to it since the preset itself does not have any GUI in it.
I understand why that is needed, but nowhere they say how you can attach the xml to this preset ?
I can recontruct it in Halion 6 naturally on the new machine, but i guess there must be another way to do this ?

kind regards,

Hi Roel,

Can you sent me the link to that part of the manual?

Usually the Macro Page is automatically added with the presets when you create a library.

Have you tried to follow these steps?

P 244.

By exporting programs or layers as HALion Sonic SE Layer presets, you can make sure that
they can be loaded correctly by HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE. This is particularly useful
if you create content that will be part of a VST Sound container, because it lets you verify
whether the preset contains all necessary resources.
HALion Sonic layers require a macro page to be controllable from within HALion Sonic.
Without macro page, the program can be loaded and played, but not edited.
The macro page must be attached to the exported layer. Macro pages that are attached to
sub layers cannot be accessed in HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE.

Will try your suggestion this evening, but i am now at my work now.

kind regards,

Ok. If you have a program with layers and sub-layers, the Macro Page needs to be created on the exported layer or the main layer in order to see it in HALion Sonic.