Attaching a page of text to a flow

I’m setting a large number of songs for a publication. Often these songs consist of a page of music followed by a separate page of texts (verses). I’ll need to move these songs (flows) into their correct order just before publication. What’s the best way of keeping these pages of text, which are page overrides, from getting separated from the music to which they belong? Or would it be better to wait with creating the page overrides and adding the texts until the final order of the songs has been determined?


If the pages of text are going to be separated from the pages of music, insted of page overrides i would suggest to create a page template for every single page of verses (for example “verses song01” etc.), You have to enter the text in a text-frame anyway, then better make it a page template and you will have more flexibility than with page overrides.
I do not know if a great number of page templates in a layout would affect the performance, like a great number of flows for example (i guess not).

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That’s a good idea but it will indeed mean a lot of default templates, and wouldn’t they still get separated from the music they belong to? I’m trying to figure out if it might work to have an empty bar of music extend onto the second page and then hide it and place a text frame over it. Theoretically, even though it’s hidden, it should still keep that second page attached to the first. It might depend on the way I hide the empty bar.
This must be something people do often, as in hymnals or collections of songs. I’m wondering how other Dorico users solve the problem.

If you are just looking to store the words with the correct flow, you could use the Flow Information token, or even a comment?

Well, it’s more than just storing the words with a particular flow. It’s laying out the words in a text-only page appended to the music page(s) but without that text page getting lost when the flows change order.