Attenuating peaks manually

Hi to all,

When I want to attenuate peaks manually, I use the Global analysis window (using Focus, selecting the peak and use Ctrl+Gain, moving from a peak to another with the scroll bar, etc.), but to detect peaks the shortest option is 1 second between 2 peaks which is not really comfortable.
Is there a fastest way to move from a peak to another ?

Thanks for your answers.

Use the peak master plugin!

Of course. :smiley:

I know I’m certainly the only one working like that.
But I don’t like the sound produced by any kind of digital limiters even the famous ones.
And they cut the waveform as with a razor blade.
When I select the peak and reduce it manually by 3dBs the wave form is preserved and you can’t hear any high-mids enhaced harshly as when using limiters.

Is there any limitation to allow less than 1 second between 2 peaks ?

However, did you try peak master plugin? It has a very gentle approach and very much do what you achieve “by hand”.

I tried the Peak master and the results are the same as with UAD Precision limiter.
Not bad but not so good as when I reduce by hand the peaks and then raise the volume of the file.

Never mind, I’ll keep working as usually : working first with my analog chain with an analog limiter (Pendulum PL-2) before my A/D convertor and reducing the remaining peaks by hand in WL to get the extra dBs I need.

Anyway, thanks for your answers Phillippe.