Attractive Upgrade Offer for Older Versions of Nuendo

Just saw this mentioned on KVR and verified it through Steinberg’s store, if you are an owner of Nuendo version 3,4 or 5.x, you can get an upgrade to Nuendo 7 including NEK for quite a nice price. In US currency it is showing $333.99. The offer ends on January 15, 2017.


I’m starting to feel the pressure to jump from 5.5 to 7 at this time. (on Mac / OS 9.5)

I’d be glad to hear of anyone else also considering or, if they’re may be some immediate & appreciable benefits of doing so for straight music production to consider.

Interesting question Chet. I thought the jump from 5 to 6 was significant in general (although I can’t exactly remember why), but on the other hand, if you’re doing strictly music, it might be worth looking into getting Cubase instead…

Thanks for those thoughts Mattias.

You know, I just now jumped on it being in a child like selfish gimmie something xmas mood, and the deal being slightly more attractive right now.
Mainly because 1, I recently scored a short and may try to do a bit more of that down the road and
2, It’s seemingly rational enough (or shallow enough) to think I might enjoy the new GUI it brings when spending so much time with ones head inside the SW.

Hopefully I’ll otherwise come to find some things about it that make it rational. Having been w/ NU since ver. I guess it makes sense to just stay put considering.

Well if you intend to keep scoring to picture it may make sense to stay I suppose. And again, I can’t remember what it was specifically, but it might have been the included plugins that I thought got a really nice overhaul from v5 to v6. There definitely was one jump where I felt like I could finally rely on included processing for all the basics.

well, mix widow was the most talked about change…AFAIR :confused:

I’m thinking of updating the license Nuendo 5.5 to 7 but I have one question. Can I use both versions on one PC after update? In other words: does license for Nuendo 7 allow me to use any previous version? I have several of unfinished projects and don’t want problems.


Yes, you can use BOTH versions

You can use any older version with a N7 license.


If I would upgrade from 5.5 (without NEK) to 7.0 with NEK, must I also upgrade NEK each time, or is that a separate license and treated as separate?

Not sure what the usual upgrade price is from 5.5 to 7.0 without NEK.

I see that the upgrade paths are $100 more expensive each time if NEK is included. I will not be using the NEK functionality.

If I could upgrade at the cheaper price, and then not worry about NEK, that would be great.


– madison

If you are not going to use any of the NEK features don’t buy it.

NEK changes from version to version with new features, so I believe you can not run, for example, N5 NEK with N7 or vice versa.

Make that “the most hated change” … :imp:

I know when you get NEK, the first time it is a separate license. Your question is an excellent one. Maybe someone familiar with the Nuendo + NEK upgrades will chime in.

I focus largely on MIDI scoring so NEK is a natural for me and I think it is well worth the price of entry but a lot of Nuendo users spend most of their time mixing and wouldn’t be enticed by NEK’s offering.

You need to have the latest NEK.


Thanks, Fredo.

I don’t for the life of me understand the pricing model.

To buy NEK by itself, off-the-shelf, so to speak it costs $150.

Currently, if I would upgrade, say from v6.5 to v7 it costs $150.
If I would upgrade v6.5 + NEK -> v7 + NEK it costs $250.

So, I am expected to pay a $100 upgrade fee each time for NEK, an addition that originally only cost me $150???

Confused about the logic here.

– madison

I’d love to jump on that upgrade but I have Nuendo 2 which doesn’t seem to be covered by the offer, tried emailing support as the note on the shop page suggests (over two weeks ago) and still no reply :frowning:

Update now upgraded and happy, now i just want VST Transit in Nuendo’s next update and I’m all good :wink:

Ok, I have heard back from Steinberg tech support.

They have confirmed that the licenses are independent from each other, such that the NEK license can be neglected in the future if so desired.