Attribute Counter (cubase 12.0.3) problem

I’ve been using Cubase 12 since it just came out, and I have recently installed the 12.0.3 version too.
I’m experiencing slow loading times in the Media Bay.

It’s caused by the “Attribute Counter” that takes a couple of minutes to count down from, let’s say 30 to 0. It’s random, as in, this problem occurs even with folders that were previously analysed by the media bay.
What’s not random; is the fact that this problem occurs everytime I do a fresh start/restart of Cubase 12. And than the Media Bay only has to perform the Attribute Counting for 1 folder, after that, everything runs ‘smoothly’ again.

Weird thing is; I don’t have this problem in Cubase 11, installed on the exact same copmuter system.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?