Attribute filter view cannot be restored in MediaBay (Cubase Elements)


I think this could be a bug in Cubase Elements.

I used one of the “search for” options in the context menu of the MediaBay, the filters area switched from the Attribute view to the Logical view. I clicked in the “go back” button and now the Filters view keeps permanently in Logical mode. It let me adding filter lines, but I cannot restore the Attribute mode.

Looking on the internet I saw that the filter area would have to include two buttons “Logical” and “Attribute” next to the “Reset Filter” button. But those buttons doesn’t appear in my version, so I cannot change to “Attribute” view again.

Can anyone tell me how I can restore attribute filters mode in Cubase Elements?

I’m using this version:
Cubase Elements 10.5.20 Build 170 - Build on May 5 2020
MacOs Catalina Version 10.15.5

I attach a screenshot of the MediaBay where you can see the filters area is in Logical mode and there isn’t any button to change to attribute mode.

I know this is old, but i had the same issue, fixed by clicking the Include Folder and Subfolders icon on top left of MediaBay