AU Plugin Compatibility on Apple OS X

Hi, Sorry - I’m a newbie - I changed from Windows to MAC
Is there a way to insert AU-Plugins in Cubase?
I can see the .component file in the components folder, but the Instrument is not listed in Cubase.
Also I did not find any Information here in the Forums or the FAQ about AU Plugin compatibility.

Thank you.

There’s no AU support in Cubase on any o/s.

Aloha R,

There are available several ‘wrappers’ which many users find
very useful for what you asked.

One of the most popular is: ‘Bidule by Plogue’

Check it out here:

I have not used this stuff myself but I have seen it in action so
don’t get discouraged.

There IS a way to ride this bucking bronco
but it may take a lil time and effort on your part.

Good Luck!

Wich AU plugin is not available in VST version?

Apart Logic’s plugin (Wich is only available in Logic anyway) I can’t name one.

The (very) few plugins that only have an AU version are some TAL free plugins that are quit egood like TAL Vovoder and filter.
ALL the many others AU plugins I own are available in VST or VST3 version too.

All the Tal plug ins have Mac vst the only Au plug ins that I know that are not vst are Air Windows

I use the Plogue Bidule vst to run Audio units and it works fine but to be honest I rarely use it for that reason these days.

I didn’t know about TAL

You can use Vienna Ensemble Pro too but its a bit expensive just to run a free plugin.

Y’es but not VST 64 bit

But we don’t known really why Raymaster X want to use AU with Cubase or which AU plugin he want to use.

there are some plugins actually, like the sinevibes ones that are only made as au plugins.

Just use plogue bidule for runnign AU inside cubase