AU plugs *do not work*

The link in My Steinberg Account attempts to go to ZenDek by the look of it, then logs me out. Hopeless. What is the email address? (based in Australia here). I own quite a lot of Steinberg products here & expect at least some degree of technical support against those purchases.

In particular:
Am presently migrating & installing on a new Mac Pro 7,1 running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2. To cut a much longer story short, many of the (latest) Absolute 4 installers give an error at the install, but with no useful information other than ‘contact the manufacturer’ Ha!

After some jiggling with the Library Manager, libraries are all registered and working.
However, this is for only VST3 plugins.
NONE of the AU plugins are recognised with Logic, Ableton Live, Digital Performer or Studio One.

From the Steinberg Catalina compatibility documents, there is no reference to this.


Thanks in advance to forum users who may be able to advise (no thanks to Steinberg.

That shouldn’t happen as Zendesk is intended for the European System. If you are based in Australia, please submit your request here:

Thanks for this.

The AU plugs cannot be validated by Logic, Live etc. Appears to be an eLicenser bug (latest version installed,, error message:

error: -1701
Application ‘Synsopos’.app could not be started.
Probably the file is corrupted or incompatible, or the file access permissions are set incorrectly.

While the other DAWs can use the VST3s OK, am not able to run Absolute 4 $ investment on Logic Pro. (I seem to recall something similar to this a few years back?)