AU support for Cubase in OSX?

I wonder why Cubase/Nuendo for OSX does not support the AU standard? Is it because of competition or what? I think it would make it an even better and more flexible program on the Mac.

Only if AU could be run concurrently with VST, of course. But I don’t see why that should be a problem.

After all, under Windows you can use VST and Direct-X plug-ins simultaneously.

Either to prevent us from using those cool plugins by Sinevibes or to force us to another DAW. Seriously, I don’t know.

I feel this is all the more poignant now that an application like GigPerformer effortlessly supports both without any performance penalty. You can mix and match VST and AU at will. Come on, Steinberg!

As far as I know, AU is made by Apple and specific to Logic. Whereas VST is designed by Steinberg. You can’t run VST in Logic and you can’t run AU in Cubase. Neither Apple or Steinberg wants to support the others format for competition and probably money reasons.

I’ve actually never come across a third party plug that doesn’t support both AU and VST, but based off your above comments, I guess there are a few.

Below are the wiki links for both AU and VST if you want more info.

AU are system-level and not specific to Logic. However, many or most of Logic’s plugins/instruments are not available to other applications using AU. That is a marketing choice by Apple, not an inherent limitation of AU.
Like I said, GigPerformer lets you use both VST and AU at the same time, seamlessly. So it is technically possible.