AU support please.

I think its gone quite long enough without full AU native support. For us Mac users the inherent clunkiness of VST is starting to show. UAD, Soundtoys, Plugin Alliance spend most of their development time on the stability of their AU since this is becoming more of a standard. I’ve had so many issues with VST I can even begin to type them all out here as far as conflict with operating system and inner application conflict with other VST’s. Its a deep coding issue that I’ve spoke at length with UAD, Soundtoys, and Plug Alliance about specific plugins in their roster that do not play well with Cubase’s engine due to this being VST the support is basic and minimal and they suggest that there’s something instead wrong with “using Cubase and VST.” I have to be honest I’ve been tempted to jump ship with the delivery of Luna. But Luna unfortunately is a very buggy not solid editor like Cubase is. But if you guys REALLLLY wanted to crush the DAW market right now it would be to support AU. Thats why Ableton live does so well because they support all of it. I figure this is some deep licensing issue with AU but I’m begging you! I love ONLY Cubase and want to continue only working with Cubase, But I NEED support for the latest plugins coming out and I believe AU is starting to become defacto for development. This post is not meant with any hate at all. Only a clear frustration I’ve had with crashes due to buggy VST’s.
Thank you for your consideration.

AU is mac only, so I don’t see this happening, as a larger, potentially larger percent of Steinberg users are PC users - so it doesn’t really make economic sense, nor competitive sense since VST is a universal format that Steinberg created.

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I feel you LoveGames. I feel you. Give us the sickness then the cure. I’m with you there.