Audio Aligment Bounce BUG

If we add one of Takes with VariAudio data, Audio Aligment asking to Bounce this files


if we push YES, he delete ALL other Takes

W10 1909
Cubase 10.0.60


It seems, you didn’t record this at once, right? These are not real takes, these are more independent lanes, right? Could you describe more in detail, how did you get these lanes, please?

When you edited the VariAudio, have you applied the changes to all takes or did you create a new one?

Hi Martin, sure!

  1. Add Audio track - mono
  2. Record same vocal audio 2+ times (can be more) All takes recorded in SAME Audio track (Show Lines)
  3. apply VariAudio at any take
  4. Open AudioAlighment Panel - Select one of good take from Main Vocal as Reference.
  5. Cuabse will ask to Bounce it, because it have VariAudio Data.
  6. look at results


Thank you, reported to Steinberg.

11.0.20 - still not fixed

11.0.30 - still exist

11.0.40 - same