Audio Align

Hi group

I have difficulties using the new audio align tool. For some reason I can’t get it to work like it should.
I select the reference events and then I select the target events, hit both check boxes and then it calculates the new timing, but the result is not what it should be. If I do it manually (so how it works in Nuendo 11) the result is good.

So multiple events selection is not working. What can be wrong? I’m Nuendo 12.0.52, on a Mac Pro running Monterey.

Best, Alan

What happens when you de-select both check-boxes? I use it that way regularly, with good success.

Hi @Dietz

Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I use it for dialogue tracks, to sync the boom mic with the lavalier mics. Both options (with or without checked boxes) are not working when used with multiple events.

Best, Alan

what do you mean by this exactly. I’ve used it a lot and have not found a lot of issues. only when I select very long takes/clips with a lot of movement in the boom… then it becomes hard to find a sync point (that’s where auto align pro excels).
Please elaborate or make a video/screenshot.

Hi @klfnk2020

Thanks for replying.
Well, the problem is that is doesn’t match right, audio is not aligned correctly and sometimes the phase is flipped. The strange thing is that when I do it event by event (so not muliple events) all is working fine, like it worked in Nuendo 11. I tested it with a very simple project, two people sitting, 1 boom/2 x lav. Takes are not long and nobody is moving.
I see how it should work in the online tutorials, but for some reason it is not working here.

Best, Alan

Hi group

No one else is experiencing this?
If I use audio alignment on 2 single events with dialogue (so 1 is reference, 1 is target) all works fine and clips are aligned perfectly, but with the multiple events function it doesn’t. I am on a Mac Pro Monterey using Nuendo 12.0.60, but I have tried it on multiple Mac’s, all the same behaviour.

Best, Alan

Yes, so do I. Auto-align only works for me if I select clip by clip. But it doesn’t work as well when tagging multiple clips.


Thanks! Let’s see how it works in N13.

On other thing I notice is that aligned events sometimes lose their alignment when I re-open a project. As if they are un-aligned again.
In those cases I have to realign them from scratch.
Does anyone else run into this?

Best, Alan

Yes, I have same problem.

Select one ref clip, click add, then select one target clip, click add.
check " Match Words" " Prefer time shifting", and 100%.
It sounds okay most of time, but sometimes it would use time stretching automaticlly.
When select multiple event, it will occur a lot unknown problem.
So I bought Auto Align Post 2, and never use the stock align tool.

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Auto Align Post 2 is worth every penny and much better than any stock option I’ve encountered. Sometimes 3rd party options are the best option.


Yes it’s true! Many new functions in Nuendo is a joke. For example this or ARA implementation. It sometimes work, sometimes no, making it unusable.