Audio alignement - multitracks with stereo

I am new to the audio alignement tool and I cannot figure out how to align lets say 6 tracks to one reference event using only one track out of the six as target WITHOUT unaligning the 6 tracks with each other.
When I try to do so with the 6 tracks grouped or selected then in the target menu selecting the one I choose all are “re aligned” which means stereo tracks are disturbed.
To be clear here is an exemple: i have track 1 boom track 2 to 4 lav and tracks 5&6 a wider stereo track.
Now in the project I was given only the premix with boom and lavs by the editor, no TC in the AAF so I want to reconform manually after using field recorder import. Having no TC I have to either align visually or using the align tool to align/synch to the boom premix clip BUT I want my stereo tracks with phases untouched but still in synch.
Thanks for any inputs

I’m unaware of multitrack alignment, not sure its possible but maybe. Sadly I’ve only done one reference track to another. One thing to note, is the alignment tool can help if the goal is phase alignment between mics, but works mostly for static tracks not dynamic especially if the tracks are long. For that you may need Audio post align pro which is still in beta but they have a version that works fairly well so far.