Audio Alignment Feature

Hi All,
This is not a problem post, just a feature review.
I work with a lot of doubled vocals so it is important that they are properly paired. This audio alignment feature is a gem for this type of work.
Having the ability to align the parts tightly or loosely is a great advantage. Although I’ve only used it on vocals, I’m sure it would be great for any instrument doubling. Just wanted to extend my appreciation for this feature as it’s saved me a lot of time with tedious manual alignment.


Yes it’s amazing feature for vocals tracks.

This feature is a huge time-saver for me. I do find that sometimes I need to experiment with the settings on a case-by-case basis, which can take a little more time.

It only works when vocals are slightly out of time, and on short segments.
I edit alot of Acapellas and qauertet singers, where the singers’ tracks often will be out of time much more then a vocal double, in these cases cubase’s audio alignment fails to lign up the tracks correctly. I seen a video on YouTube somewhere where they compared audio alignment to synchro arts revoice pro

here found one of those videos: