Audio alignment issue after slicing

Hi guys,
Not sure if this is a bug or an issue on my end. The issue is when I slice this audio file for some reason the alignment changes. See the screenshot here.

I notice that it is a bit of a finicky issue and you can affect whether or not this occurs by changing the start position of the audio part.
I noticed this situation has happened to me a few times now, so I bug report it in case it is a bug.


What do you mean by Aligned, please? As far as I can see from the screenshot, the Audio event is not Snapped to the grid even before. In the Info Line, you can see the Start is at (148), not 000. On the 2nd screenshot, unfortunately we don’t see this value in the Info Line.

What I mean by aligned, is that after the slice all the audio in that part is moved on the timeline. This is not expected behavior.

The audio start is not at 00 because it is snapped to a hitpoint, which doesn’t normally make a difference. I am using slicing and this process all the time (for years) and the audio is not expected to move on the timeline after a slice. I will send you a PM with the project file.


Sorry, I still don’t know, what do you mean.

In the upper screen, there is Audio Event, down is Audio Part, but we don’t see the details or any referencing point.

Did you get my message?

You’re in musical timebase. You need to switch to linear timebase. Toggle the quarter note with the gold background in the track inspector on the left.

Thanks, but that is not it. I was able to replicate it but I turns out I can’t now (trying again), even though the image shows what I am talking about. I was able to show that if I dragged the start locator of the audio clip to one place it would occur, in another position it would not.

Hey, I managed to run into this again, (on 11.0.3). I captured it more clearly, here.

The steps I used was
1 record the audio (from a project), trim the start and ends like shown.
2 apply some hitpoint, edit hitpoints
3 apply the slice.

If Martin or anyone wants the project just let me know.

I upload another video showing some of the weirdness with this issue. I slice the audio three times in the video, I undo after each slice and move the ‘start locator’ and ‘end locator’ to illustrate how that is drastically affecting the slice results.


Updated to Version 3 full working example

Hi guys, going to try this again as I continue to get this issue in certain audio files while using the audio slice feature in conjunction with hit-points (hit-point slicing).

I have an example project here if someone wants to examine it;

I have a project with an example which I can tell you how to go from a working slice to a broken slice.

Steps for the example project:

  1. double click the audio file to open the editor.
  2. click the ‘create slices’ under the Hitpoints tab. Result is normal.
  3. Undo slice.
  4. In the audio editor move the Event start locator to be snapped to the first hit-point.
  5. click ‘create slices’. Result is not expected.

You can notice right away the spaces in between the slices (not expected).
As well as the audio itself moves from the original timeline position (also not expected)

Other factors.
I found that if I moved the example to the start of the project timeline the issue is no longer present.
Another factor that could be involved is when the snap point, event start locator both line up with a hit-point. (not 100%)