Audio Alignment Issue

Hello all

Yesterday I decided to upgrade from 8.5 to 10.15 for one reason, the Audio Alignment feature would save me hours of audio editing.

After the installation I ran the Audio Alignment tool on two vocal tracks and they went so far out of sync it wasn’t even close. After reading up I found you cannot run Audio Alignment on tracks that have been manually alligned so I created two more tracks.

The two tracks contained only staccato palm muted dry guitar (DI) to eliminate any variables such as reverb or distortion messing with the alignment. Low and behold the allignment was just as bad, in fact my attempt to play slightly off time was closer than the allignment tool.

Is there an issue with this particular feature? Anyone else managed to get this working.

Disappointed as the upgrade cost me £171 and there are no other features that interest me: well maybe the mixer snapshots.

I want just check if its me or not before I ask for a refund as 8.5 has all I need.




Could you please attach your testing audio files to be able to reproduce it?

Btw, the is Cubase Trial available. I would always recommend to use the Trial before buy.

I posted this same issue at least a month ago here. Chris @ Steinberg support verified the issue after I sent him the session file. My issues were with “Trial” version 10.010 (the first update), not the new .015 update.

I’ve not put the Audio Alignment in Ver Pro 10 through its paces. I’ll try it and see if it works.

Are you sure you followed the procedure correctly? I’ve seen the video demos on it and it looks relatively straightforward.

Please link to any other threads discussing this issue.

I used it for the first time recently to align a bunch of stacked vocals. The initial recordings were all pretty close to start, so not looking for big changes. In general the alignment was pretty good although I did need to do some manual fine tuning, but far less than doing it all by hand. However a few of the clips just were wacky after aligning, words way way off. Ended up doing those by hand. Couldn’t see any reason why those specific clips wouldn’t align.

I did notice that some of the (let’s call 'em) bad clips would not align correctly if they were included with other clips to align multiple clips at the same time. But if I didn’t include that clip in the multiple selection and later auto-aligned it separately on its own it aligned correctly.

Another potential gotcha is if you using the same audio in multiple places during the Project like you might in a chorus.

In any case, Render in Place is your friend when preparing to do any work that involves time stretching or pitch change.


I have recently updated to Nuendo 10. This very same problem is happening to me. I am used to aligning so I’m pretty sure I’m not doing anything wrong at all. I’ve watched tutorials just in case I’m making a mistake with the audio alignment tool in Nuendo, but all seems fine.

The audio is nowhere close when I align two vocals singing the same lines almost identically. There is no way it should warp it so differently. Is there a solution to this?

For me It’s a waste of time. This is something that could save hours of work, please fix it!

I can’t even add a reference track or target tracks here. Highlight the selected audio, I click the + button and nothing happens.
Any ideas?

I faced the same issue, and worked around it simply by making sure that I bounced the 2 tracks concerned and they are free of any editing.
Then I just cut both tracks before and after the segments that I need aligned, and avoid cutting elsewhere (sometimes and for an obscure reason if there are other cuts in the target tracks it seems to block as you say).

So by working on a clean bounced track with just the track cuts before and after the section to align, it always works perfectly well.


Don’t select a track, select the Audio Event, please.

The only problem i had was that i couldnt align newly recorded tracks until i exported it and imported it.

Why do some files work and some dont? c

Seems to work now, except the destination track is badly delayed for the first second or two. Have to manually warp. Wish it would work right, would save a lot of time

Sorry for the extremely late reply.

Well I kind of give up with the feature as even with two extremely close audio events its just amazingly unreliable. I think a blind person could align these events better.

I recently upgraded to 10.5 and low and behold the same issue, nothing works. This morning I attempted to align 7 audio events with a single reference and I was expecting some to work and some not too, absolutely none aligned. I tried it with just 8 ringing our chords and it worked. Seems to save time for simple event editing where time really does not need saving.

I have decided to abandon this as a feature until version 11.

Cheers all and again sorry for the late update.

I was having this problem, where AudioAlign wasn’t accepting any tracks. It turned out by removing all the timing silence at the beginning of my tracks allowed it to accept them.

In Cubase 11.0.20 it’s the same. The alignment doesn’t work as expected, sometimes neither on easy vocal tracks.