Audio alignment manually using overlay - problem

When trying to aligne samples manually in the target track, I can´t move the target samples without also moving samples in the reference track lying underneath. I am exactly following the instructions in Dom Sigalas fine video on Youtube “Tighten up your track like a pro”, but I can´t seem to avoid my reference track being affected equally by the corrections made manually to the target track. I have noticed, that both tracks get the small “wave icon” at the top right corner of the lane after correction. In Dom Sigalas video, only the target tracks gets the “wave”, which makes sense. What am I doing wrong? Please advise.


Are you sure you are using 2 different Audio Files? Aren’t the Audio Files grouped? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Hi, I have now solved the problem: In the Editor, the Clip Editing Mode was set to “All clips”. When I changed this to “Active Clip”, only the target clip gets affected, and the reference clip is left alone. :smiley: This is a great feature in Cubase