Audio Alignment poor results !?

do you find audio alignment in cubase/nuendo not that useful ?
i used for several years Vocalign with ARA, but it made some problems lately , and i tried cubendos Audio alignment and it literally made alignments worse then the original recording!
i tried all options in it ,it has not so good algorithm probably ? !
anyway i ended up upgrading to Vocalign Ultra,which make alignment almost all the time perfect.
i remember when nuendo had it for the first time it didnt work well on 96khz projects (i work with 96khz )and they “fixed” it. but still it has poor results on my projects .
how is your experience ? do you thing steinberg should invest making it better ?
(i use it mainly to align background vocals to the lead vocal, 4 to 10 BGV tracks)

Cubase seems to work well here only when you’re dealing with parts aligning to bars. You’ve done yourself a favor going with the Ultra.

yeah, Audio Alignment function in cubendo dont work for me.
Vocalign 4 pro upgrade to Ultra is 50$ now on holydays sale ,so it was a good solution cuz latest nuendo 11.04 has issues with Vocalign 4 pro on my system

Audio Alignment in Cubase for me can be a pretty hit and miss exercise. I have had good success mind, when working with smaller length files (sections of BV’s against Main Vox, or groups of BV’s like yourself), rather than full song takes (which I used to do).

It has to be a tough (computational) task - remember that SynchroArts have a full-time team of engineers working on just that software, day in, day out. You pay your money, you get the results.!

Steinberg can’t compete with that. And I can’t believe that was ever the intention either. However, such as it is, the tool can be useful - it has seen a couple of updates along the way; maybe there’s a nice overhaul due for it somewhere down the line… but I wouldn’t expect that for several versions yet… (i.e. many years away). Look how long it took for the VariAudio tool to (finally) get to where we are now - where its so much more useful (workflow/functionality/results) than its ever been.

Anyway, seems you’ve made the right choice.

Like some other pros I’ve read say, if you’re serious, get the tools to do the job you need doing, now.!

Good luck.!

i do my Alignments in Vocalign( and my attempt in nuendo) only on several sentences/phrases .(Vocalign 4 pro and the new ultra may crash nuendo on my system when doing big chunk of length)
and yes im not excepting to have results like a dedicated product that focus on special functionality, but for me it didnt work at all and even got the alignment worse !
maybe i needed to experiment with it more and try maybe do only 2 dubs at a time.
anyway i use Vocalign but just was curious because of the bad result i have got with Audio Alignment

I see that Vocalign is ARA2 capable… does this work in Cubase?

yes, i work with it only with ARA and not as a insert plugin
it works well, but it struggles on too long phrases,i usually align few phrases and bounce audio. the playback was stopped /stuck when i had few events over the timeline with vocalign pro 4 activated with ARA. with the new Ultra its better, but ibounce anyway immediately after vocalign process just to be safe. maybe it struggles playback cuz its 96khz projects ! i don’t know really

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I used Vocalign Project 3 for a long time. It was ok, gave reasonable results most of the time, but was very clunky in workflow. I had hopes for Audio Alignment when it first appeared (in C10?) - I found it was quick to try as it’s right there on the project window toolbar, but the results were usually nowhere near as good as with Vocalign. Compared to that old Vocalign 3 it was very quick to try though and sometimes gave a useable result, so nothing lost. As others have mentioned it seems to work best with short clean sections of audio, cut to the grid. Breaths and clicks in a vocal part seem to bamboozle it. Not sure if there was any great improvement with Audio Alignment in C11, but I still hope that it will see further development and in time become a truly useful great Cubase feature, much in the way that Variaudio has.

In the meantime I’ve now recently upgraded to Vocalign Project 5. The ARA 2 integration along with a new GUI + workflow enhancements make it super quick + easy to use and the results are a big step up from my previous version.

yeah surly ARA technology made it supper easy compared to working with Vocalign as a insert plugin.
we bought at our studio “Studio one 4” just because it had ARA to use it with vocalign , well few months later cubase came with ARA too, since then studio one is resting in peace on the hard drive :sweat_smile: