Audio Alignment question

Hello group

There is something within Audio Alignment that I don’t understand. When I align an event for the first time, all is fine. But when I undo this, I cannot align it again, it doesn’t work anymore. The hit points will show, but it doesn’t align. The align symbol in the event will also not appear when this happens.

It also happens if I split an event in 2 events and align both events separate, one will align, but the other not…

Am I missing something?

Best, Alan

There’s a bug in the Alignment tool. It simply doesn’t work correctly.
If I am not mistaking, they are in the process of fixing the issue as we speak.
But I have no idea when the fix will be included.


Hi Fredo

Thanks for your quick reply! Good to know that it is a bug, so I can quit searching what I am doing wrong here :slight_smile:

Best, Alan

What is wrong with quality assurance for Nuendo?
Seriously. Why do we suddenly see a constant stream of badly broken features?
VCA, video engine, DOP, audio alignment, rendering with no bus assignments, gui speed, double click intervals, reversing clips, RX integration,…
At the same time tons of game audio headtracking buzzword stuff is released. What’s wrong? I really don’t get it.

I’ve switched to ProTools on my main system after being with Nuendo since version 3. That’s well over a decade.

Regarding RX…
We had Izotope sales dude visiting us here. Even tho where this happened is purely a Pro Tools house, I asked about what is going on as SB says the problems are because Izotope has not implemented the vst specs correctly and there are so many problems using RX on Nuendo. He “kind of” skipped the question. That tells me all I need to know where is the cause for these problems. Then I asked about will ARA change the situation? He was not quite sure what ARA was and replied something like isn’t that the thing with melodyne…
So I would not hold my breath for Izotope to fix these issues. Sad but true.

To be fair, we never really know how deep the ties of the sales and development/product marketing people between different continents are.
There might very well be someting going on in the background.

Then again, every really desirable audio post 3rd party product that has been released in the recent past got PT/Mac integration right. I’m talking about stuff like EDILoad, Auto Align Post, ReVoice Pro, RX…

I think this is simply the result of Izotope choosing where to spend money given what they can make in return, and if that’s the case then it’s indeed a sign that PT is king in paid, professional post production (and probably also music).

In other words; it makes sense for Izotope to spend money on fixing issues related to PT because most RX customers are using PT. If the pendulum swung to the other side and more people started using Nuendo instead of PT I’m betting we’d see Izotope adjust.

This is probably one of the biggest negatives of using the “underdog” application instead of the ‘industry standard’.

Of course, one could just deal with issues and workarounds and hopefully it’s still a net positive.

I have recently had to upgrade from Nuendo 5 to 10 because of computer issues. I was really looking forward to it, however I must say that compared to 5 the latest version feels less stable. I really loved the fact it had the audio align built in, but it doesn’t work. It’s not on at all. I spent almost 500 pounds on the update. I feel a bit missold

Doesn’t work?
Yes it does. Have used it a lot…

Can you give more info?

In one of the early 8.x versions, there was a bug. Which was fixed in the maintenance releases.
The N10 alignment works even better.


this new alignment is incredible!!! in n10.1