Audio Analyzer: Real Bit Resolution report

Hi …

I am working on a back catalogue … some material has been provided as mp3s.

I was specifically required to convert the mp3s to wave files: 16 bit 44.1kHz.

I did this first in a batch processor.

I then carried out an Audio Analyzer report and noticed that for some files the Real Bit Resolution for some files showed 17 bits. Not 16 as you would expect.

If I opened them in the edit window everything showed 16 bit (including the bit meter) and they play as expected.

So, then I carried out the same conversion of the same source files using the offline decoder in the Sonnox Codec Professional plug.

Same results (Real Bit Resolution for some files is 17 bits).

I am not suggesting anything is wrong, but I would like to understand why the Audio Analyzer is showing 17 bits.

Paul, I don’t have an answer, but are you using Wavelab Global Analysis, or some other program to analyze?

I then carried out an Audio Analyzer report.

Which function did you use?

Thank you PG and bob99 …

I have a batch processor template permanently set up. The main purpose is to provide a simple report on peak levels of final masters (I know, but I am paranoid about digital) but on this occasion I also wanted to confirm output format was performed correctly.

The plug is Audio Analyzer as a batch processing plug in. As per page 760 of the 8.5 manual.

Drag the files into the batch processor.

Processing the batch produces a text report.

One of the fields is: Real Bit Resolution.

Let me know if you need more detail.

I don’t have an explanation. If you have a file where you can reproduce this, please pass it to me.
Also, tell me which WaveLab version exactly and which platform.

This being said, you should not worry, it’s certainly a small computation rounding issue somewhere.

Thank you PG. I will try and reproduce when I have a moment.