Audio Bounce

Seems like bounce still aint working like in previous versions of Cubase. Used to be that I highlighted the entire track, then bounce - instant complete new version of track. As of version 6.02 i still didnt work properly. It didnt create a new version of the track, so I had to glue the parts together then bounce. Anyone else had this problem?

Can you describe under what conditions it isn’t working? Are the parts in a folder track? How many? recorded together or separately?

It’s working as expected here both for individual parts and also parts grouped in a folder track (my memory of the bug previously was that it didn’t work when the parts were in a folder track). I can’t get it to NOT work now.

Ill have to check up on that. I havent had a chance to do much since I posted this cause I started school and now i am moving, but I will look into it. I know that one track I had chopped up into parts, then added a blank part at the start of the song so that when I bounced, all tracks would start at zero. all parts except the blank one at the beginning bounced. this is what I recall at the moment.

It is incredibly annoying that bounce selection wont include a blank part at the start.

The workaround is to select the region to bounce with the range tool…you can select every track from bar zero (or wherever) to past the end & they’ll bounce the same length no matter how many parts or where they start.