Audio Card Error Message

I just installed Wave lab on my new Mac book Pro OSX 10.9.2. I get this message and cannot find any info on this message. I cannot play any audio. Can play same file I imported into Wavelab in Quicktime and Audition with no issues. What is going on. Sound card set to internal sound card

Wavelab Message

The audio card output could not be set to sample rate 48khz. Either the device does not support this sample rate (NOT TRUE) or it is in slave mode and its sample rate cannot be changed by wave lab.

I must say, wave lab is always buggy on the mac

Some other softwares might do rela time resampling, but WaveLab does not and requires the hardware to be able to play at the needed sample rate.
Can you play 44.1k files?

No same message no matter what sample rate. I have created new file at 8, 22’ 44.1, and 48 k. All get same message

Also this is a brand new mac. It supports 48k for sure. The specs say that

Are you using WaveLab 8.0.3 ?