Audio CD Length Question

I always believed that 80 min. was the maximum for an audio CD. Can you squeeze more time out of a common audio CD these days. In WL 7 you can set the max time for a CD. What is the proper limit for an audio CD burn? What would happen if you go over the 80 min time. What is the standard.? Any info would be helpful…


The original limit in the Red Book standard for Audio CD was (and is) 74 minutes, but it has crept up in common practice to 80 minutes, with some commercial releases even going over that. See this Wikipedia article.

For burning, you also have to consider the limitations of the media used, and those of the CD-burner. I have my limit in WL set to 74 minutes, also as a caution for those cases where I need to go over it. I’ve had mixed results with burnt long CDs, where sometimes players failed to read the last part towards 80 minutes.

Thanks Arjan… For the information. I’ll see if I can get it down to 74 …But also try one at around 80… I guess it’s a gamble …

Thanks again