Audio CD Report Cue Sheet


I work at a studio where our mastering engineers are moving from Wavelab 6 to 9. I’m trying to come up with a workaround for them for the loss of the CD Label function of WL past but am having trouble. I’t looks like my best bet it to make a custom Cue Sheet Template that I can then copy and paste into a CD Label making software. Where can I find commands that can be used in the templates? I’m trying to right align the track times but to no avail.


Bryant Lewis

The variables used in the custom CD cue sheet are described there (if this is what you are looking for).

But there is no command to right-align times.

Hi Bryant …

Maybe take a look at Montage>Clips>Function>Export Clip List as Text.

There are some variable fields there like Name, Length, Position in Montage and Comment. Export as Text and a cut and paste into your CD Label maker might not be that difficult.

I hope this may be of some help.

Cool, thank you both for the help.

Gotta follow question…

The information such as Title, Artist, Date, Client etc. don’t seem to be auto-populating with any of the templates (mine or the built in ones). Where does this information comes from? I filled out the CD Text information with Album Title and such but it doesn’t seem to be coming from there.

Thanks in advance!

afaik, the only variable that works in the header in the Raw Text templates is $UPC. I don’t know how or where the others should derive.

Title : $TITLE
Engineer : $ENGINEER
Comments : $COMMENT

I’ve also added other entries than those in the templates above, but I just fill those in manually when the sheet opens in notepad after I click OK. It’s been just as easy for me as having them autofill from the montage.

I’ve tried using the CD Text Album Title variable @CDTextTitle@ in the Raw Text sheet but it hasn’t worked for me, like it works for me in the Rich Text sheet.

I’m sure PG knows why the other variables above aren’t working for me (maybe there is a place to fill them in I just don’t know), but I don’t find it any more difficult filling those things in on the final sheet. It’s just right there ready to edit when you click OK. But if there is a way to use @CDTextTitle@ it would be better than not having a way to do it. It just hasn’t been a big deal to me.

Indeed there is a bug here. The variables mentioned by Bob are ignored. You need to enter these manually.
This Cue-Sheet template is a legacy feature, which was removed, then reintroduced several years ago.

Looking at what I said, I didn’t mean to suggest that PG knew there was an issue with it. I never reported it, and that’s my fault.

It sounds like this is something that won’t be getting fixed for future releases?

Not for 9.5.40, but hopefully later. I have noted it.

Okay great. Thanks!