Audio CD Report Raw Text Durations Wrong

The durations in the Audio CD Report Raw Text report with sampling rates other than 44.1khz seem to be wrong again. They were corrected in Wavelab 8.5, but seem to be wrong in 9.0.30. Rich Text is still fine as it always was. Using Win 7 and Win 10.

Confirmed here I think. I never use the raw text and only use the rich text version so I guess I never noticed it.

I attached a zip of both versions if PG cares to take a look. (48.9 KB)

Thanks Justin.

PG, will there be another Wavelab 9 Update? That could include a fix for this?

Yes, there will be. One soon, one later.

PG, sorry, do you know if this will be fixed in Wavelab 9.5?

I think so.

Thanks PG.