Audio CD Report Request

I know there has been discussion on changing the Audio CD report to be more of a montage report.

I like that I can omit the “Start Time (On CD)” on the reports and only show the “Montage Start Time” because for vinyl and cassette pre-masters, the times are true to the actual montage and don’t include the 2 second pre-gap that is required by red book CD. The same can be said for making files for digital distribution.

However, on the report, there are two places that still include this 2 second gap that I would like to be able to remove or alter.

The first place on the report is the “Disc Duration” which does have the option to be included or excluded on the report, but I wish that time could be changed to show the true montage duration minus the 2 second pre-gap because it is not part of a vinyl or cassette pre-master. It’s nice to have that total time at the top of the report, but it would be great if it was accurate for the target format and not just for audio CD.

Disc Duration is a useful field but the option to make it “Montage Duration” would be great.

The second place is a field that I can’t seem to turn off. At the bottom of the report there is a “Total CD” field that also has that extra 2 seconds added that is not relevant to vinyl or cassette pre-masters.

Again, if that could be changed to “Total Montage Length” that would be great.

Basically, we are at a point in mastering where we still need to make an occasional traditional PQ report for a true audio CD, but more often I need to make a montage report for master files for digital distribution, vinyl pre-master, and cassette pre-master and the 2 second pre-gap is just not relevant there.

Agree with all of the above. I’d also like to see the “Time Format: 75 fps” indication be put back in the “extra lines” as it was in Wavelab 6 I think. I put that in custom text now. And an option to display track “durations” on the Rich Text without frames (to make it easier for the end user to get timings), rounded up to the next second for 50% and above, and rounded down under 50%. iTunes and Foobar round file times up and down that way, and I’ve always rounded that way, but I’ve noticed in cases where Wavelab does round (like on the Raw Text), it rounds everything down only, which I don’t find in other programs, and I don’t agree with.

I agree with all of the above. The “proper” cd report is perfect for manufacturing plants. Otherwise it is a pain for all other applications. Label staff, artists, digital aggregators, etc. all flip out when they see the extra 2sec disturbing the timings. So much time wasted on explaining the 2seconds away, or how you have to round up or down for fraction-less seconds counts.

+1000 on the requests above!

…and do we have to wait for a major upgrade? Why can’t some of the seemingly a small patches be parced out as minor updates? Years go by before we devoted WL users get any action. Some of the little issues should be resolved in weeks, not years.

So I guess I’d like to request rounding option for Total Times too, so the end user doesn’t have to round frames in an unfamiliar time base to get Track Timings and Total Timings from the Rich Text reports. Something like “round all durations”.

I’m glad I’m the the only one that thinks a montage report is more important than just a CD report these days.

Also, fixing the rounding is a good idea. Anything .5 and above gets rounded to the next full number.

Actually, this had been a long-standing deficiency. I don’t know why I waited 15 years to speak up! :astonished:

Fair enough. I only started using Wavelab with version 7 when it came to Mac.

From there, I had enough to think about learning the DAW and making more important feature requests but I would think a simple update the report (CD or montage) is long overdue so it represents the files it is outputting.

I think an all-inclusive setting for the Audio Report (or earlier even - the montage itself) should be ‘CD delivery ON/OFF’. With such a setting, not only the 2 seconds should be out of all the places they pop up now, but also the frame base of 75 fps can be omitted. No reason for markers to be adjusted to CD-frames when the delivery is Vinyl.

Yes. +1 here as well. Everything that WYCA said.