Audio CD Report (WaveLab 9)


Are there simple instructions somewhere as to how to create, save, and recall a Raw Text Audio CD Report template?

I can see how to create a template file with all the instructions in it, but where do I save it (or how do I import it) so that I can actually use it within the application? I’ve tried everything… (or at least everything I can think of).


I don’t think the manual is right about this, because if you follow the instructions, you get a template with the current tracks names and times, which is not what’s needed in a template. You need the variables and code that are in the factory templates.

I think the way I did it a long time ago was to make a file copy of one of the factory templates in the factory template folder and added a couple of lines I needed at the top in Notepad. Then I just saved the new file back in the factory templates folder (the path visible at the top of the window) and I can always have it selected if I select Custom. That’s worked for me for a long time.

Maybe I’m missing something in the manual, but what it says doesn’t work correctly for me.

You can find templates you can reuse in this folder:
WaveLab Presets/Presets/AudioCdCueSheetTemplates/

Can the manual be changed PG? I’ve tried it again and It doesn’t make a usable template.

The manual should be changed, yes. But what do you mean with
“I’ve tried it again and It doesn’t make a usable template” ?
How did you try?

By following the steps to make a template in the online manual:

It just makes a fixed text file based on the current montage, not a template with variables and code like it should.
Unless I’m missing something.

Yes, I will ask this to be updated.

Yes, I’ve found those. And I can edit them, and make new templates. But I cannot use them… where do I put them so that WaveLab finds them? Or to put it another way, how do I access them from within WaveLab?

(I am talking here about making brand new templates with variables etc.)

And, while we are at it, there are four templates in the app contents, but only three show up in the app…


I cannot see how this works, sadly. And I don’t see a file path. And while there are four templates in the app package:
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 12.00.35.png
I only see three in the application itself, and two of them have different names, which confuses me somewhat:
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.59.18.png

It’s true that one template is unused. But don’t stop to this detail.
Copy the template outside the bundle, it is easier. They load one in WaveLab from the dialog.

Sorry Philippe - but which dialogue, where? I am undoubtedly being a bit dense, but I cannot work this out.

Thanks so much for replying and for help with this…!


Hi Philippe. Yes, that’s what I’ve always assumed… but it’s greyed out, here, and always has been. It does nothing…
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 13.02.02.png

Hmm, you are right. This is a bug, but only on Mac. I will fix that for 9.5.20
In the mean time, the only solution for you, is to edit directly one of the template in the bundle.
But this is cumbersome, and maybe not worth the effort.

Ah! No, I guess I can do that as long as I back the bundle up (and it would be updated on update!)

Thanks! At least I know I am not going mad. Well, madder.


Which means I have to update to 9.5. Which means I have to update my OS. :slight_smile:

I am delighted to finally get to the bottom of this, and am indeed editing the presets within the app bundle.

May I say, however, that the bug in the Mac version is just one of the problems. I’ve undoubtedly wasted a couple of entire days trying to work this out.

Leaving aside the fact that only three of the four factory presents actually show up (with different name), having the presets (which it is suggested we can edit) hidden in the app bundle is totally unintuitive. As is the idea of loading a custom file every time you want to use them. Can they please be added to the preference folder? There’s even a folder there, but it seems not to be used.


(Overall, a minor gripe - generally, Wave Lab is great, particularly in more recent versions!)

This part of the CD report, is kind of legacy. I was created before the PDF / HTML report was created.
It is still there because some users like you prefer to use raw text.
This is why the UI is a bit spartan. But too much, as you mention.

Indeed. I really want to be able to format vinyl cutting memos, simple formatted tracklists and so on without resorting to (as I have been doing for years) GREP editing in TextWrangler.


The manual mentions that there are “commands”. I.e. #FOR EACH TRACK. And some of these commands are used in the presets. But… is there an actual list? Because I cannot find one.

And… the “TIME_IR_x” commands (Index Time Relative to Start of CD) seem not to work - they actually give the same results as “TIME_IT_x” (Index Time Relative to Start of Track) commands.

All a bit frustrating. And the fact that nobody else seems to have brought any of this to your attention rather suggests that this is not a commonly-used part of the application!

For vinyl reports I have good luck with the PDF method. CD Track Groups allow you to define where side B (or C, D etc.) starts and keep all the audio in one montage but still have the times on the reports for side B, C, D etc. make sense with the audio file for those sides.

In the generated CD Report, you can save templates to have some default info in the header, plus your studio logo of course. Then you can add some special notes per project if needed.

Here’s a report for side A:

Side B:

I don’t do anything different other than define where side B starts using CD Track Groups,and load the CD Report Preset, all the info you see is auto-popuatled from existing info in the montage such as CD-Text and other info already there. Things like iSRC codes which are unrelated to vinyl are automatically hidden on the vinyl PDF reports to avoid info overload.