Audio CD title and inserting ISAN number...

Hello, new to the forum, have a couple questions.

First a general title question. I’ve created a CD extra with audio and data. After burning the disc and inserting into another computer the data session comes up as “untitled”. Can I get specific text to show up there?

Second, A client in the UK has requested inserting a catalog number (ISAN#?) for the disc and I can’t for the life of me find where to put it. ISRC yes, UPC sure, Just can’t find ISAN. Any advice?

Thanks for your assistance.

The CD standard does not know “ISAN” but only ISRC and EAN/UPC.

OK, thanks for the response. So where is ISAN applicable?

FWIW… I edited my first question to more correctly reflect the problem, naming the data partition of an enhanced CD…

You have to edit this:

I figured it would be something that easy. thanks. :slight_smile: