Audio channel presets do not save hicut,locut,gain,phase

When I add a new blank mono audio track, and then setup the Pre called section (lower left in the EQ-tab) with hi-cut, lo-cut, gain and phase and save this as channel preset, these settings aren’t reloaded with the preset.
In fact, if I save these settings to a preset of the “Pre-Section” only, these settings are loaded - but never with the channel preset.
Am I missing something? Do I have to activate this somewhere?

Thank you four your time and help.

Quick method to reproduce

  1. Add a new mono audio channel
  2. Edit Low Cut, High Cut filters, flip phase and add some gain
  3. Save this channel as a channel preset
  4. Reload your just saved preset
    –> voila, your settings are lost - reset.

This is still a problem in 9.5.10* - the whole “pre”-Section is not stored with the channel-preset.

*corrected Version to 9.5.10