Audio Channel Presets from Cubuse 6 to 7

I made alot of Presets in Cubase 6 using plugins for Vocals, Drums, Bass, etc. etc. In Cubase 6 I would hit the Edit button for the channel I want and I think click near the 1st insert and a drop down list would Pop up and I would click it.
How do I get these Presets into Cubase 7, what file would I copy from the App data roaming folder of Cubase 6 into Cubase 7. Then once I am in Cubase 7 what do I need to do to find these presets and get them on a audio channel track.
I have looked through the manual and banged my head trying,
Thanks for whatever help you can offer, Greg

i would like to know this also for key commands, instrument channel presets, vsti synth presets etc

we are living in 2013 with a 20 year old program i certainly hope it has progressed enough to be able to do basic things like import this kinda stuff from previous versions easily…