Audio Channel Setup shows Strips instead of EQ/Inspector

In prior versions, when I open an Audio Channel, it would display the Equalizer graphics and the Inspector on the left. With 10.5 it displays all that ‘Strip’ stuff in the middle and the ‘strip’ options on the left. IOW: I have to do 2 clicks to get the window how I like.

Is there a way to set the default behaviour back to the way it was?




Could you attach a screenshots, please? What do you get (C10.5)? What do you expect (C10)?

I updated the topic with screencaps. The first one is how it -used- to be. The second one is how a new channel defaults -now-.

The first one is how I WANT it to open up all the time. Can I make -those- options the default?


Isn’t the window settings stored? So if you close it and reopen, the Equalizer part appears in the main middle part after you set it up like this for the very first time?

I’m having a number of issues with window settings not being properly ‘restored’.

Eg. When I open a CPR, the cursor is -always- at the far left (bar -1)… even if I saved and exited the CPR with the cursor at bar 221.

Are you running Cubase as admin ?
Not that you should.


Cursor position is global value, it’s not stored with the project.

Maybe you could consider to trash your Cubase preferences.

How do I do -that-?

I’ll also add two things: I have -never- had an upgrade where my preferences were properly recalled. But this time, I imported a Profile from 10.0. I wonder if there isn’t some fishiness in the Profile Manager?