Audio Click assignment Problem

I have a lot of of ins and outs and this fact seems to be a problem with the Audio Click assigment
popup menu.
I want to assign the Click to Mono Out 32.
But I can only assign the Click up to Mono Out 31.

See the attached screenshot.
I hope this is a mistake and does not stay that way?

Servus Robbie :wink:

as a quick workaround, did you try to de-crease the number of available outputs in your VST Connections, just to see what happens? (… don’t de-activate the desired Out 32, of course.)



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Servas Dietz!

Na, I think the popup window is just limited to 5 x 16 blocks.
Maybe If I redo the connections and start with Mono Outs and then with Stereo
I might change the order of Mono/Stereo in the system and could access it.
Still since the the click assignment is gone from the connections window, there has to be a way
sooner or later to access ALL the Outs in Nuendo.
Anyway, Danke! :wink: