Audio click simultaneously records to guitar track

When I record acoustic guitar, the audio track simultaneously gets routed to the guitar’s audio track. I can’t figure out how to prevent this from happening. This is not headphone bleed. It’s directly getting printed along with the guitar.
How do I use a click track without it getting recorded?

Mac Studio OS-13.3.1 w Apollo Twin X Quad

Hi, do you have loopback enabled on your audio interface by any chance?

I don’t know about that. Does the Apollo Twin have loopback? Looking into that.

If I mute all channels on my interface, the click still records on the track.

Since there is no way to get the audio click routed to an input within Cubase itself the culprit must be your software for your audio interface.

I use Cubase 12 pro and UA Apollo x4. I’ve recorded acoustic tracks with UA Sp-1 stereo mics, Direct into the HiZ channel and through Line6 Pod HD500X into the HiZ input on the Apollo. With all the click gets recorded onto the track. Very annoying. What is the fix? Support said there was something to be done in MixControl.

To clarify, in addition to the acoustic guitar via stereo mics, I recorded electric guitar both directly into the HiZ input of the Apollo x4 and through the Pod HD500X into the HiZ input of the Apollo.

The click gets printed on all three tracks.

Contact UA, please.

Thanks Johnny.

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