Audio clip gain handling

Dear Steinberg-team, Please imrpove the audio clip gain handling as it is in Pro Tools. The way it is now it is not good. Whether you have to move with the mouse away from the audio clip to the I don’t what it is called stripe thing over the editing window to the “audio gain field” or what ever it is called, to change the audio clip gain via mouse wheel.

The option you can activate in the preferences where you can change the audio clip gain by moving the mouse over an audio clip and changing the audio clip gain by moving the mouse wheel is much worse than the other option because I think a lot of Nuendo users are using the mouse wheel to scroll up and down through the project. And then it’s very ease to hit an audio clip gain with the mouse during you are scrolling up and down and then you are changing audio clip gains mistakenly.

In Pro Tools the solution for that is much better! You just need to move the mouse over the audio clip, hold Ctrl. (or the Apple key, I can’t remember) plus moving the mouse wheel up / down to change the audio clip gain. There you don’t need to move the mouse away from the clip somewhere else to change the clip gain or there is also no danger to change the clip gain mistakenly when you are scrolling through the project.

Please add that simple but helpful function. The most of the time we are working to close deadlines and we have to be fast. And every pointless move / detour to trigger a function in the DAW is not helpful for our work.

Thank you!

You can also do this…

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You can also assign a hotkey to turn on and off mousewheel volume on demand. It’s toggle rather than a temporary modifier key, but it’s something.


There’s also hotkeys for Increment and Decrement Event Volume you can assign to arbitrarily do +/- 1db.


ha, Yes maybe but please remember clip gain has been in Cubase Nuendo long before Pro tools and it can be customized as the other user suggested. I like to do it with the status line for more accuracy also, which means you can hover over the status line (volume) then use your mouse wheel there, even easier than holding another key like in PT