Audio Clipping with instrument tracks

Hello guys, i have always had this problem in Cubase with the meter. When i add an instrument track, doesn’t matter which one, they always come off too loud for cubase. They sound fine to me (no distortion) but the meter in cubase keeps hitting red. Although compared to other tracks (ex. midi tracks i use kontakt with always sound fine and never cause the red meter thingy), they are significantly louder. For example, i just finished recording a bunch of midi tracks for my drums, i then add an instrument track for some melodies and BOOM! its a lot louder that my drums but does not distort. Here is a picture if it helps. I am using Cubase 7 btw.


Yep…a lot of vsti presets have too hot an output.

Turn it down at the instrument output or use the channel trim.

Thanks, i just thought i was the only one experiencing it. Just wanted to know if it was normal.