audio clips out of sync

i recently open a project that i had not worked on for 18 months and now it has some weird sync problems.
all tracks are in musical time base but some of the audio clips don’t synchronise. when viewing the audio in the editor on one of these unsynced clips, the playhead passes the start of the waveform and after a second or two the audio begins. it doesn’t matter if i reload the clip as is, or in a new track.
in the media bay the same clip seems to play back in time with the waveform, but it is truncated (stopping a second or two before it should).
i’m thinking it’s some sort of corruption of the markers on the affected clips. is there some way i can restore them?
project was originally created on Cubase Pro9 or possibly 8.5

Mac mini i5 2.8GHz 8GB; Mojave 10.14.6; Cubase Pro10.0.60; Behringer XR18

You have a plugin loaded that has latency. It’s the way some plugins are. For example iZotope has a few ‘look ahead’ plugins that do this, as does Waves ‘Breath Control’. It’s the nature of the beast, they process the audio for a brief moment to do their thing, and then let the audio play.

Further, the only time this turns bad is when your DAW can’t sort all of this and you put more demands on it (like loading a plugin like this on an input track). You have to let it do what it does although sometimes (in iZotope) there are latency adjustments that you can make…but all signs point to the idea of using a particular plugin at mixdown only and letting it do it’s thing.