Audio comes out only on left speaker

Hello! I am using Cubase 5 and I’ve never had an issue with audio coming out of only the left speaker until today.
I recently recorded all my tracks and did a little bit of panning here and there, and everything sounds fine on my headphones but when I turn on my studio monitors I can only hear audio from the left speaker only. I’ve checked my vst connections and everything is set properly so I tested my mic and I can hear myself just fine on both speakers but when I play a song… Any song only my left speaker outputs audio. Has anyone ever experience this issue before? Help!!!

It´s quite simple then: If as you say “everything is set properly”, your soundcard is broken, or your speaker is broken, or the cable from soundcard to speaker is broken. If that´s not it maybe try and post some useful information on your system and setup…!?

This issue is usually caused by recording a mono source (like a mic) through a VST input connection set up as a stereo bus. Somehow your VST input connection bus may have changed. So recheck your VST input connections and make sure it is set to a mono bus (Devices>VST Connections>Input Tab).

Some other thoughts…

  • Make sure to check the output buss for your monitors. Maybe that somehow was changed.
  • Check the cable connection to your monitors to make sure everything is connected properly. Maybe a jack somehow got pulled out slightly and you didn’t notice it.
  • Check the setting menu of your audio interface and make sure nothing has changed there too.

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Thank you guys for the info. I checked my VST connections and my input is set to mono and out put stereo 1 & 2. The problem still persist. I checked the each speaker individually and both work separately. I checked the cables and noting seems to be wrong there either. The wire thing is when I speak into my mic I am
Coming out loud and clear out of both speakers but as soon as I play the song everything comes out the right speaker.
No I will say this I I switch the cables around to see if it was them but in my discovery I’m noticing that Output 1 isn’t sending out anything but 2 is, which is what the left speaker is connected to. I moved them to output 3 and 4… 4 had sound but nothing on 3. Tried 5 and 6, 6 has sound but nothing on 5… The common denominator the left speaker was hooked up to the even numbers and they all had doing but not the odd numbers. My audio interface is a Safire pro 40 which I’ve had for a couple years now and has gotten very light use so I don’t think the unit is bad but I feel like there’s most likely a software setting I may have messed up somehow which is causing my sound not to come out of the right speaker.

Just for giggles… do a nothing fancy mixdown of your project and see what that sounds like when played back. That would at least point to some kind of routing issue in CB or at least eliminate the malfunctioning audio interface concern.

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Hello…i am having the same issue…everyrhing is fine in my cans but im missing one side from my audio out…
Im running nuendo 4 through a uphoria um22…
In devices set up i can see left side on both input and output are deactivated but i cant seem to activate them…
And how can it be on the same sound card that i have full stereo in my headphones and yet not audio out…media player works fine so it cant be an interface issue…
Hints on how to reassign inout and output busses please…cant get my head around why the headphone output is fine…